Unisex Wood Polarized Clubmaster Sunglasses

Product image 1Unisex Wood Polarized Clubmaster Sunglasses
Product image 2Unisex Wood Polarized Clubmaster Sunglasses
Product image 3Unisex Wood Polarized Clubmaster Sunglasses

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Now here is a pair of sunglasses that will make you look stylish and will overall sharpen your look. This type of eyewear is for those who want to be noticed but radiate a more mature and serious look. The red polaroid lens is anti-reflective, so eye care is guaranteed. The stainless-steel frame material ensures the longevity of the product – something that every owner would love. You can have these come in a regular box or a wooden one.


  • Lens width 2.1’’ (5.5 cm)
  • Lens height 1.9’’ (4.9 cm)

Care Instructions:

  • You should clean them regularly with a damp sponge or cloth and not sprays or abrasive detergents.
  • You should treat the glasses gently and store them somewhere dust-free when you aren’t wearing them.


  • Don't use them to observe the sun directly.
  • These glasses are non-prescription.
  • Don't use them as protection from mechanical impact or any artificial light sources, like solariums.
  • The glasses aren't suitable for driving at night or in the twilight.
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